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Our Services

Free Consultations

Our experts will gather all the required information to present you with all your options in a customized presentation at your own home.

Design & Planning

Our customized photovoltaic system designs seizes sunlight and converts it into electricity.. Our team generates the best installation options to get you started.

Customized Options

Our team is dedicated to providing you with maximum energy-saving routes. They will review your energy usage and recommend the best solar energy system.


After comparing options, our team will finalize the design and handle the entire process of installation with minimal interruptions to you and your family.

Explaining the Benefits

Whether residential solar or commercial, we tell you how much you will save on your electric bills, and how much you will make with tax credits and other benefits.

Continued Support

Our team will provide with you all the information you need regarding the maintenance and usage of your new solar panels.

Affordable Solar Company can handle all of Augusta, Georgia's commerical and residential solar needs. Give us a call today to generate a better tomorrow!

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